Translational Grant : Call for Proposals

NSoE DEST-SCI invites proposals aimed at creating a product (PR) or products at the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 or above. A PR created using funds from this translational grant is expected to be an upgraded version of one or more research prototypes (RPs) developed and demonstrated. Proposals must include a commercial partner as a collaborator who understands the commercial value of PR and has agreed to spend the necessary effort to commercialize it.

A PR could be a standalone software application or a system consisting of hardware and software. It could be a significant upgrade of a research prototype or an integrated system created by combining multiple existing prototypes. It is preferred, though not required, that the RP, or RPs, used in the creation of the PR have been created by the PI, and any Co-PIs, in the proposal.

PIs of awarded proposals will be required to submit an interim report, accompanied by a product demonstration, after T0+6 months (T0 being the start date) and a final project report at T0+12 months.

All proposals must be submitted using the project template NSoE DeST-SCI-002.

  • Funds available for this grant call: SG$2M
  • Expected award amount for a project: SG$200,000 [Including 10% indirect costs]
  • Project duration: 12 Months (extendable upon approval by the NSoE Steering Committee)
  • Eligibility: Please refer to the paragraph titled “Eligibility Criteria” here.
  • Evaluation process:
    Proposals will be evaluated by an expert panel, set up by Director NSoE DeST SCI and approved by Chairman NSoE DeST-SCI Steering Committee. Recommendations of the expert panel will be forwarded to the Steering Committee for final approval.

Items to be included with the proposal:

  1. 2-page CV of PI and Co-PI(s)
  2. Letter of support from the collaborator(s)