Current PhD Students

Geovani BENITA

Geovani Benita graduated with a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico (UANL) with a major in telecommunications in 2020. He received his Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2023. He is a current member of the ASSET Research Group at SUTD and PhD student, focusing on wireless security, offense, and defense. He is also a Capture The Flag (CTF) player as a hobby.

His interests revolve around the following research fields:

  • Machine learning models
  • Penetration testing
  • Wireless security
  • Cyber-physical systems and IoT
  • Embedded systems and software/hardware engineering

Supervisor: Asst Prof Sudipta Chattopadhyay
Project: NSoE II (IoT)

WANG Huibin

Jason (Wang Huibin) holds a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Macau University of Science and Technology. Before completing his master’s degree, he served as an Assistant Engineer at AVIC.

With professional experience at AVIC, as well as roles as a CyberSecurity Engineer at HUAWEI and a Cybersecurity Specialist at ABB, Jason brings a strong foundation to his current pursuit of a Ph.D. at ITrust. His research focus is on Maritime Security, specifically, automated vulnerability detection in ship systems. His expertise also extends to Hardware Security, Wireless Communication Security, and optimization in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering.

Supervisor: Prof Jianying Zhou
Project: NSoE II (Maritime)

Graduated PhD Students

12079059_10207791088046205_4690405920015358193_nSridhar ADEPU

Sridhar’s work focuses on verification, safety, security and reliability of cyber physical systems. Prior to his PhD study, Sridhar was a Research Assistant at iTrust. He also worked as Assistant Professor at Vignan University, India. Sridhar holds a Masters degree in software engineering from National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India. He has a B.Tech in computer science from the Kakatiya University, India.

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur
Project: Investigation of attacks and detection mechanisms in Cyber-Physical Systems

MujeebChuadhry Mujeeb AHMED

Mujeeb received his BS Communication Systems Engineering degree from Institute of Space Technology Islamabad, Pakistan. After a period working in industry and academia, he enrolled at Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea for MS in Electrical Engineering. Upon graduation from SNU, he joined HITEC University, Pakistan as a lecturer in department of Electrical Engineering. Since January 2015 he is a PhD student at SUTD. His research interests are Cyber Security, Wireless and, Multimedia Communications.

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur
Project: Attack Detection Schemes for Secure Cyber Physical Systems


Daniele is an ISTD PhD student working with iTrust Research centre. Daniele is interested in Cyber-Physical Systems and Embedded Systems security.

Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Nils Tippenhauer

JH_CastellanosJohn Henry CASTELLANOS

John Henry is currently a PhD student SUTD. in 2015 John Henry received his MSc degree in Information Security at Universidad de Los Andes (Bogota, Colombia). Before he studied Electronics Engineering at Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (Cúcuta, Colombia). He has over seven years of experience in several industries such as Automation, Telecommunications, Datacenter and Cybersecurity.

Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Martin Ochoa


Yuqi is currently a PhD candidate in Singapore University of Technology and Design since September 2015. Before that, he received his Bachelor’s degree of Engineering from South China University of Technology in July 2015. His work focus on the first aid verification of the Cyber Physical System.

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Sun Jun

Hamid Reza GHAEINI
Hamid received the B.Eng. degree in computer engineering, with first class honours, from Arak University in 2010 and the M.Eng. degree in computer science from the Tarbiat Modares University in 2013. From 2013 to 2015 he was a research assistant at Tarbiat Modares University.

Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Nils Tippenhauer

HUANG Qisheng

Qisheng received the BS degree in electrical engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2014. Currently he is pursuing his PhD degree in ISTD under the supervision of Professor Costas Courcoubetis. His research interest is much involved in electricity market, energy storage systems, smart grid and power economics.

Supervisor: Prof. Costas Courcoubetis

Photo PPGayathri SUGUMAR

Gayathri acquired her Bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Pondicherry Engineering College, India. After working as a Software Developer in industry, she enrolled in the ISTD Pillar in SUTD to continue her learning pursuits. Her research interests are cyber-physical security for critical infrastructure, Computer Networks and Automata.

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur

Current Student Researchers

LIM Qin Xin 

Qin Xin is a freshmore undergraduate with an interest to learn more about Cybersecurity. He is involved in the GURU CPS platform and will be helping to develop a digital twin of a water treatment plant with iTrust.


Past Student Researchers (SUTD undergraduates)


Surabhi is an Engineering Product Development Junior at SUTD. She has a background in computer simulations, algorithm designing for low-level analysis, and system modelling and control. She recently presented some of her work at the Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) hosted by NTU. She has also co-authored a research paper for another project that was submitted for the MobileHCI 2018 conference. She is currently working on the system identification and validation of the WADI testbed at iTrust.

claudiaAW Tong Xuan Claudia

Claudia is currently an ISTD Junior in SUTD. She is still deciding what to take as her major but has interest in cyber security. She is also keen on learning ethical hacking. She is working on automated pentesting in iTrust and her motto in life is to “eat, sleep, play, repeat”

Madhumitha BALAJI

Madhu is an ISTD student at SUTD. Machine learning has always been her area of interest and she is also keen exploring cybersecurity.
At iTrust, she is working on Digital Forensics for Incident Report, implementing machine learning algorithms to tackle the problem of decision

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur / Shrivastava Siddhant

elaineElaine CHEONG

Elaine is an ISTD undergraduate, specialising in Security and Communication. Being an inquisitive student who is keen in the area of Cyber Forensics, she is currently working on a research project in iTrust to widen her knowledge in this field. She aims to be part of Singapore’s Cyber Defender force one day. The project she is working on deals with using machine learning to automate the current forensics tools.

Aiden CHIA

Aiden is an ISTD Sophomore. His past experiences include internship at a startup doing video analytics, working with ML APIs, and customising existing software for internal company use. He is passionate about building human-centered products. At SWaT, he is working on a project to develop a Virtual Reality testbed for cyber physical systems using Unity.


Currently a Sophomore in ISTD, he has an interest in world history and its relation to modern day challenges such as cyber security. He holds a Diploma in Aerospace Electronics from Ngee Ann Polytechnic where he found interest in programming and algorithm design. One of the projects he has embarked on is an Android application to assist the visually-impaired to identify grocery products. At SUTD, he is part of a student team to help in setting up a Mini World Wide Web using Tor routing unique traffic.

Jason CHOW

Jason is a Freshmore, who intends to pursue his undergraduate studies in ISTD. He is keen to take up computer science and tries to learn as many digital skills as possible. His current area of particular interest is in game design. He is also currently embarking on a project to develop an AR Glass for running.



Mark is a junior undergraduate in Engineering Systems Design (ESD). He is keen in arrays and analytics, along with its applications in information systems and security.

DONG Yuan Jia

Yuan Jia is in ISTD sophomore, going to get in the security track in Junior year. He is very interested in networks and cybersecurity, particularly in lower-level security.

Filbert CIA

Filbert is a freshmore student planning to take up ISTD. He has always been interested in improving cyber-physical security and is currently working with iTrust in developing the digital twin of SWaT.

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur

kathKatherine FENNEDY

Katherine is currently enrolled in in ISTD Pillar in SUTD. She is a strong believer that everything always seems impossible until it is done, and her inspiration mainly comes from food, friends and family.

FOO Chuan Tian

Chuan Tian is a first-year undergraduate at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. He has had prior experience as a SOC analyst in the Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore and the Singapore Armed Forces. He hopes to learn more about the various tools used to monitor systems and defend against cybersecurity threats. At iTrust, he is currently developing a NetFlow collector and analyser.

Ryan GEN

Ryan is an undergraduate student in SUTD, intending to join the ISTD pillar. His interests include game design and computer simulations. At iTrust, he is currently working on a project to develop a Virtual Reality Game to simulate Cyber-Physical Attacks/Security on a Water Treatment System.


Ragini is currently enrolled in the Security track of the ISTD Pillar. Having no prior experience in security before SUTD, her main goal lies in expanding and applying her knowledge of Cybersecurity with iTrust. Her first project with iTrust is Testing for Blockchain Security by Design. 

1_HatibMuhammad Hatib Bin Abdul Aziz

Hatib has a strong interest in technology, especially in software engineering and cyber security. He gained software development skills from multiple work experiences in web and mobile development, in companies both big and small. He was involved in the “Cyber Security Patrol” project to launch a cyber-attack using just a drone and an application running on an Android smartphone.

Hiang Cheong KaiHIANG Cheong Kai

Cheong Kai is a Computer Engineering student in EPD Pillar in SUTD. He has a strong interest in technology and consequently also in security, given the increasingly interconnected world.

HUM Qing Ze

Previously Qing Ze designed and facilitated serious games as a novel experiential learning methodology for government officers. Qing Ze believes democratic processes help people reach their fullest potential, rediscovering the concept of a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), synoynomous with the launch of the Ethereum network, as a possible candidate organisational structure. His vision is to marry management consulting with blockchain applications as a solution. This is why he works with the Blocktest team, learning the academic grounding to implement a blockchain solution.

dhyDhanya JANAKI

Dhanya is a Sophomore in the ISTD Pillar in SUTD. WShe is interested in all things security and networks related. She believes that these are niche areas that have yet to show their fullest potential, and enjoy researching in these unexplored areas. She is helping with a project of setting up a Mini World Wide Web using Tor routing unique traffic. 

jesandry Jesandry

Jesandry is currently an ISTD Junior in SUTD.  At iTrust, he assists in fuzzing IoT devices at the project on Research & Security Innovation Lab for IoT. He is keen on learning more about security through research projects in iTrust.

Muhammad Syuqri Bin JOHANNA

Syuqri is currently an ISTD Junior in SUTD. He will be taking up Security and Communications as his major. He enjoys learning and improving his skills in graphic design and software development with hopes to get into the gaming industry when he joins the workforce in the future.


KANG Min Zhe

Min Zhe is currently a EPD sophomore who is keen on learning new things. At iTrust, he is conducting research related to machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies in critical system infrastructure

Supervisor: Dr. Nandha Kumar KANDASAMY

KANG Tae Woong

Tae Woong is a sophomore year undergraduate from ISTD pillar. His interests include deep learning and cyber security. Last summer, he did his internship at NTUC Link as a software engineer and gained experiences in app developments and databases. At iTrust, he is currently working on Advanced-Intelligent Anomaly Detection System under Dr. Vinay.


Vani is currently pursuing her Masters in Communication Systems. Machine learning has always intrigued her and at iTrust she is doing a project to predict chemical properties of water in SWaT Testbed. Her area of interests include Robotics, AI, Machine Learning and Internet of things. She has two goals as of now. One is to make this world a better and kinder place for everyone. And, the second one is to visit as many beaches as possible.

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur


Harleen is an ISTD Junior with a love for technology. She is particularly fascinated by the use of AI in cybersecurity and deeply enjoys her work as a research assistant at iTrust.

5_AveryAvery KHOO

Avery is an undergraduate in ISTD, focusing on Artificial Intelligence as well as Networks and Security. He has interests in general game playing, optimisation, as well as physics and stamp collecting. He is also engaged in a project to Design and build emulator for SWAT, damaging the system but not the actual infrastructure.

koh_kaiweiKOH Kai Wei

Kai Wei is an ISTD Junior with a passion for technology. Having graduated from the diploma of Information Security in Nanyang Polytechnic, Kai Wei is keen on learning more in security technologies through research projects with iTrust.

7f4c7352-9dd3-4427-aa25-d5ee100550f1William KOH

William is a Sophomore in ISTD Pillar in SUTD. He will be majoring in the security and communications track in his third year. He is interested in cyber security and keenly follows news and technology updates related to cyber security.

LAU Yu Hui

Yu Hui is a freshmore student who is planning to go to ISTD. She has always been interested in the cyberworld and tries to amass as many skills as possible. She is currently working with iTrust in the creation of an attack logger and integrating it with anomaly detector aggregator PlantViz.

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur

Kohlmann LEE

Kohlmann is a student from Hwa Chong Institution and is currently an intern at iTrust. He is an enthusiastic young man who loves the thrill of learning new things. He is keen on picking up new skills and taking on challenges while developing a steady interest for cybersecurity. During his free time, he also loves to hang out with his friends and keep fit.

Supervisor: Shrivastava Siddhant

2_DabinDabin LEE

Dabin is a junior year undergraduate student majoring in ISTD – Security and Communication track at SUTD. His interests include cybersecurity, Internet of Things and air gap malware. He is interested in pursuing research.

dilyDily LEE

Dily is an ISTD Undergraduate with an interest in cyber security research, and improving his skills when faced with a difficult challenges. She is currently assisting in the secured data acquisition and visualisation for CPS.

Ross LEE

Ross is an IBDP student at the Singapore Sports School and is currently an intern at iTrust. Always looking out to learn new things, Ross is developing an interest with programming, and believes it will help him in the future. With his open mind and thirst for challenges, Ross will benefit from his time with iTrust.

Supervisor: Francisco Furtado

zishanLEE Zi Shan

Senior year student majoring in Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD). Research interest is in cyber security and machine learning.

nigel2Nigel LEONG

Nigel is an ISTD Junior studying in the Security and Communication track. After a short stint as an intern at DSO National Laboratories, he wanted to learn more about cyber security. During his internship, he took part in a CTF competition organised by Facebook and HITB. This further solidified his interest in cyber-security. Nigel currently assists in research on generating new exploits for IoT devices using machine learning.

Nicholas LEU

Nicholas is a junior student currently in the ISTD pillar. He is very interested in the field of cybersecurity, and is currently working with iTrust to develop Intrusion Detection Software for EPIC, iTrust’s power grid test bed.

Supervisor: Dr. Nandha Kandasamy

Benjamin LIM

Benjamin is an enthusiastic and outgoing person who is constantly curious and strives to learn more of the world around him. He was previously from ACJC and is currently a new Freshmore of SUTD (Class of 2024). He currently hopes to pursue EPD in SUTD an wants to take this internship as an opportunity to depeen his knowledge in coding and AI.”

Supervisor: Nicolas Png

Jonas LIM

Jonas is an energetic and jovial person who loves to make new friends. He was the ex-Captain of the Hwa Chong Wushu team and has an interest in coding as he believes that it is an essential skill everyone sould learn. He takes initative in his learning and never fails to quench his thirst for knowledge.

Supervisor: Dr. Nandha Kandasamy

Tiger LIM

Tiger is currently a first year student in SUTD. He graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology. He enjoys reading on latest technology discovery, watching movies, and sports.

Yang Zhi LIM

Yang Zhi is an undergraduate student in ISTD keen on learning new skills. His main interests are in AI and cybersecurity. He is currently working on distribution of the Digital Twin system.

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur


LIN Yijuan

Yijuan is a passionate and proactive ISTD undergraduate with various experiences in Android and iOS development and strong technical knowledge of programming and machine learning.

Timothy LIU

Timothy is an undergraduate student with a passion for applying technology efficiently to solve real-world problems. Timothy is actively working on projects that encompass Deep Learning, SRE/DevOps and Linux.

Dixon LOO

Dixon is an undergraduate at SUTD who is interested in the applications of IoT devices and web development as well. At iTrust, he is currently working at the Research & Security Innovation Lab for IoT to help improve the IoT Honeypot dataset.

Supervisor: Dr. Yan Lin AUNG

Dennis Jordan MADHAVAN

Dennis is currently an EPD sophomore who is interested in the applications of IoT devices and network security. At iTrust, he is currently working at the Research & Security Innovation Lab for IoT to help improve the IoT Scanner and IoT Honeypot dataset.

Supervisor: Dr. Yan Lin AUNG

Karan NAIR 

Karan is a junior student in the ESD pillar who is specializing in Business Analytics and Operations Research. His interest in Machine Learning grew while working on a project with Ernst & Young on optimizing search engines. He is also interested in learning more about cybersecurity through the research projects available at iTrust.

Supervisor: Herman Nuradhy Wijaya

NAN Shing Kham Shing (Alice)

Alice is an ISTD Junior who is excited to learn and explore all things security as she aspires to take on Cyber Security as her focus track. Currently, she is developing the MMS protocol parser for the ZEEK Intrusion Detection System. In her own time, she dabbles in UI/UX and enjoys reading commentaries on digital technology.

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Chen Binbin


Monica is an ISTD Senior majoring in cybersecurity. Her past experiences include internship at a a cybersecurity management consultancy firm and at a financial technology firm handling the cloud infrastructure. She is passionate about the ever-changing technology hype and how she can apply new technologies to improve current approaches towards cybersecurity. She is working on a project to develop Virtual Reality Game for the Cyber Physical Systems at SWaT testbed.

NG Jo-shen

Jo-Shen is an ISTD junior with an interest in coding, programming and technology. He is currently taking a jump into the world of cybersecurity, identifying vulnerabilities, with an intent to create vulnerable systems within ZCC and SwaT for testing purposes.

Supervisor: Ivan Lee

7_MichaelMichael ONG

Michael is a senior year undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at SUTD. He is interested in improving the security of critical infrastructure. Michael has also started exploring cybersecurity threats to infrastructure. During his free time Michael likes to read about history. He was engaged in a project to Design and build emulator for SWAT, damaging the system but not the actual infrastructure.

ONG Xiang Qian

Xiang Qian is an EPD undergraduate passionate in gamification of technology. He is interested in VR technology and cybersecurity. At iTrust, he is working on the visualization of cyberspace and attacks in 3D space.

PRASETYO Marcel Bartholomeus

Marcel is a freshmore undergraduate at SUTD intending to take up the ISTD pillar. He is interested in applying different established and emerging technologies in the big picture to solve real world problems. He also has an interest in many fields of knowledge including computer science and software engineering, game design and other disciplines such as the natural sciences and literature and seeks to find opportunities to integrate them in one way or another. At iTrust, he helped work on a VR simulation game on handling cyber / physical attack of water treatment systems in Singapore.


Qin Yu is a Secondary 4 student  from Hwa Chong Institution who is interning at SUTD. He has a developing interest in cyber security and is learning about the cyber vulnerabilities of Singapore’s water treatment plants. He is intrigued by this new area of study and believes that it will aid him substantially in the future.

Supervisor: Siddhant Shrivastava

Josiah SEAM

Joshia is an Information System Technology and Design student with keen interest in emerging technologies and computer science. Experienced with smart contracts on Ethereum, he contributes to blockchain projects pioneered in the university. Other research interest is on quantum information and computation with the focus on generalising classical machine learning algorithms to quantum algorithms.

SOH Jun De

Jun De is an ISTD undergraduate pursuing an interest in data management and analysis. He is currently studying relations between computer vision models and the way humans process images under a school project, and actively seeks to develop the community of ISTD.


Shyam is a current ESD student with a wide variety of interests ranging from Blockchain Technology to AI. At iTrust he hopes to learn more about the security of cyberphysical systems because of which he has decided to join the SRP where he will be diving deep into the architecture of the SWaT testbed and the security issues associated with it.

Supervisor: Dr Gauthama Raman Mani Iyer Ramani 

students-tan-ching-yiTAN Ching Yi

Ching Yi is an Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) student from the graduating batch of 2015. She majors in the Security and Communications track. Her interests lie in ethical hacking and software engineering.

Jian Qing TAN

Jian Qing graduated from Hwa Chong Institution. He is inclined to study ESD or ISTD in SUTD. Learning new things has always enjoyable for Jian Qing. He is interested in cybersecurity, and has chosen to participate in the internship in order to learn more about cybersecurity and how it is implemented in various industries.

Supervisor: Dillon Cheong

TAN Jun Qi

Jun Qi is currently a sophomore in the ISTD Pillar in SUTD. She is still trying to figure out her interests in life, and in the meantime will be working on a project under iTrust to develop smart Android malware.

TAN Li Yuan

Li Yuan is an undergraduate student in ISTD working on the PlantAR project, and he is currently developing AR applications to visualize the SWaT.

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur / Shrivastava Siddhant

marcusMarcus TAN

Marcus is a senior year student majoring in ISTD, with plans to specialize in Artificial Intelligence and Security. He is interested in projects that involves machine learning and hopes to apply what he has learnt in theory in real life applications. 

students-tan-wei-yangTAN Wei Yang

Wei Yang is an undergraduate from Singapore University of Technology and Design, majoring in Information Systems Technology and Design. He is interested in computer network and cybersecurity, particularly activities in the lower layers of communications.

Nicholas TAY

Nicholas is an undergraduate in the ISTD pillar. He is interested in Cyber Security, Deep learning and Ethical Hacking in particular.  He seeks to learn to couple deep learning techniques with hacking in the future to provide autonomous cyber security measures. He currently interns at the Research and Security Innovation Lab for IoT at iTrust experimenting with IoT devices and data analysis to correlate the network traffic data collected to the physical actions of the IoT devices.

TEO You Xiang

You Xiang is in his first year of studies in SUTD and is planning to go to Computer Science and Design or Design and Artificial Intelligence pillar in the future. He studied cyber security in Temasek Polytechnic. During his internship, he did penetration testing on different clients. He currently holds an OSCP certificate and is pursuing a PNPT and OSEP certificate. He is interested in learning more about OT systems and how to perform pentest on those systems as it is very different from working with IT systems. He enjoys cooking and playing volleyball. 

profileThan Tun THEIN

Than Tun graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering. Currently, he is a junior year student enrolled in Engineering Product Development (EPD) Pillar in SUTD.

Adhi Narayan THARUN

Tharun is a sophomore student in the ISTD pillar. He is very interested in the field of AI and cybersecurity. He is currently working on a project to create a desktop size Secure Water Treatment (SWaT) Testbed version for individuals to conduct experiments, cyber exercises and trainings. 

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur / Mr. Ivan Lee

TIANG Pei Yuan

Pei Yuan is a self-disciplined undergraduate student in ISTD that always puts his best foot forward. His expertise lies in the field of Machine Learning, as well as Robotics. However, he is always open and willing to try new technologies and expertise, and his interest lies in maximising efficiency in everything he does, as well as automation of tasks.

Supervisor: Herman Nuradhy Wijaya

3_Hui HuiTIANG Hui Hui

Hui Hui is a junior year undergraduate student majoring in ISTD. She is interested in all projects that are related to security and artificial intelligence. During her free time Hui Hui likes to learn new languages (e.g. Japanese) and play games. She is engaged in Reverse Malware Engineering where she needs to learn the basics of static property analysis, static code analysis and behavioural analysis of a malware.


Mike is currently a Freshmore student intending to take up Computer Science and Design as his Pillar. With a keen interest in exploring the computing and the tech industry, he has accumulated experience as a software engineering intern at Home Team Science and Technology Agency(HTX) and now, as a cyber security intern at iTrust. He is currently working on a project to build an integrated platform to teach OT security with a digital twin of the SWaT testbed at iTrust.

6_StephenStephen VU

Stephen is an Engineering System and Design (ESD) undergraduate from SUTD. Even though he is not a Computer Science major, he is an enthusiast when it comes to cyber attacks. His interests in Cyber Security include Security Assessment Protocols and Social Engineering.

jonathanwee2Jonathan WEE

Jonathan is currently an ISTD Sophomore in SUTD. He will be taking up Security and Communications as his major. He enjoys playing chess as well as taking part in hackathons and CTFs. At iTrust, Jonathan assists in fuzzing the Modbus communication protocol at SWaT. He hopes to gain experience in the many facets of cyber security to better prepare himself for the workforce in the future.


Haretha is currently doing her Masters in Communication Systems at Sastra University. At iTrust she is working on a project to create a machine learning model to predict chemical properties of water in the SWaT Testbed. Her area of interests includes data analytics and machine learning. She claimed that she is an intuitive data junkie with high ‘figure it out’ quotient.

Supervisor: Prof. Aditya Mathur

WONG Chi Seng 

Chi Seng is a first-year student looking to go into ISTD during my pillar years and eventually majoring in Networks and Security. Main interests include lower level cybersecurity and information security-mainly pen-testing. During my free time, he runs, play computer games and participate in CTFs with the SUTD CTF team.

randolphRandolph WONG

Randolph is an ISTD junior. When he was still in Singapore Poly, he tried his hands at reverse engineering by following some online tutorials.  This, along with his internship at DSO piqued his interest in computer security. He now participates in CTFs once in a while and hopes to expand his knowledge during his time at iTrust’s Research & Security Innovation Lab for IoT, assisting in the firmware analysis of IoT devices.

WONG Tin Kit

Tin Kit is currently an ISTD junior and am interested in all things cybersecurity. Currently he is pleased to be assisting in creation intrusion detection in iTrust’s EPIC Lab. His previous attachment at the lab was aimed to create a local network detection system to raise alerts in the event of an attack.

Supervisor: Dr. Nandha Kandasamy


Aobo is an ISTD junior with interests in networks and cybersecurity. He currently, working with iTrust to further develop and contribute to open-source  network analysis Zeek library.

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Chen Binbin

YEOH Jan Wai

Jan Wai is an ESD Junior who is highly passionate in data analytics and statistical machine learning. During his course in SUTD, Jan Wai has applied his knowledge from programming languages such as R, Python, Julia, Weka and JaamSim to help him solve real world analytics problems. He makes use of possible opportunities around him to continue honing and sharpening his skills in solving analytical problems. He currently works in ITrust under the water treatment sector in data extraction and feature extraction for different sensor data.

1465352_10152472819514094_2782905399821366299_nYONG Ching Yan

Ching Yan is an ISTD Junior majoring in the Security and Communication Track at SUTD. She is keen to explore new fields, and her areas of interests include cybersecurity and UI/UX development. She was working in a project in “Advancing Security of Public Infrastructure using Resilience and Economics”.

ZhexianZHANG Zhexian

A bug hater, tech lover, and life liver, Zhexian is an Information Systems Technology and Design undergraduate in SUTD. After exploring web development, banking technology, and the Internet of Things, she has started yet another exciting journey in cyber security with iTrust. Her main research area here is the generation of computer security exploits through machine learning.

students-zhou-yunkeZHOU Yunke

Yunke is an ISTD junior year student. Her interests are in computing, mainly focusing on cyber security and mobile development.


Zhu Bo is an ISTD senior with a passion for science and technology. He is pursuing an interest in network defense and distributed computing. He is currently developing a network simulator for EPIC using OMNeT++.

Supervisor: Dr. Nandha Kandasamy

Past Student Researchers (non-SUTD)

rileyRiley Hale AERIA

Riley is currently a 3rd year student from Singapore Polytechnic having his internship at iTrust. He was intrigued by the growing popularity of IT and realized it’s profound impact it had on other people’s lives. Thus, sparking a new path when he chose to take a Diploma in Information Technology. He is looking forward to acquiring a new set of skills here while being exposed to a wider array of projects such as Multi layer data acquisition for Cyber Physical Systems.


Aung is a final year undergraduate student from YTU (Yangon Technological University), Myanmar, did his internship about “BlockChain For CPS” at SWaT Lab, iTrust. He is strongly interested in IoT (Internet of Things),Embedded Systems and Cyber Security. He is now exploring blockchain technology for CPS(Cyber Physical Systems) to provide Digital Forensic readiness systems by making practical implementations in SWaT Lab.


Aung San Oo is currently a final year student from Yangon Technological University (YTU), Myanmar. He is strongly interested in IoT devices and their security as they are becoming more popular among the people. He joins SUTD, iTrust Lab to work on the IoT security and troubleshoot the IoT devices and find their weakness about the IoT security. He will be working on creating the testing environment for IoT devices using Java Script and Node.js.

Supervisor: Dr. Yan Lin AUNG


Saket completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India. He has been working in development of physical layer security protocols and techniques. He joined NDS group as visiting researcher in 2018 where he worked on device to device communication security and authentication. 


Shuan ChuaShaun CHUA

Shaun is a 2nd year student that is currently studying in Nanyang Polytechnic currently pursuing a Diploma in Information Security. He is interested in Cyber Forensics and solving mysteries and crimes that involve the use of technology on a different level.

CHUA Yee Ling

Yee Ling is a fresh graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a diploma in Automation and Mechatronic Systems. She was working at the Automation System Center previously. However, after having an opportunity to work in iTrust, she came over to help out in the automated test bed project, hoping to learn new things like programming, which will benefit her in the future while waiting for her university.

Clive GohClive GOH

Clive is a student from Nanyang Polytechnic having his university immersion in SUTD. He is currently pursuing the Diploma in Information technology and his interest are programming and web development.

HEIN Htet San

Htet San is a 2nd year student ITE College East, pursuing a Higher Nitec in Cyber and Network Security. During his six months internship at iTrust, he wishes to improve his skills, especially in programming, that would help him in his future career. He will work on the designing and setting up of a monitoring system for system resources and a secured database system to store collected information.

HUANG Li Jiang

Li Jiang graduated from Ngee Ann polytechnic with a diploma in Mechatronics and Automation. He is currently assisting in a project on 3D printer security at iTRUST while waiting for his university. He is an avid fan of movies and Japanese anime.


Ramadhan is currently a Nanyang Polytechnic student studying Diploma in Information Technology. He had started his interest for computers ever since he was as young as five years old when his father bought a personal computer for him to play with. He chose to study in the broader Information Technology course so that he can learn as many IT skills as possible.

KONG Jie Ming Jeremy

Jeremy is a fresh graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a diploma in Automation and Mechatronic Systems. He is currently working under iTrust on the Automated TestBed. He is a PC enthusiast and is keen on exploring new technologies.

AlstinAlstin LAU

Alstin is a 2nd year student at ITE College East, pursuing a Higher Nitec in Cyber & Network Security. His internship at iTrust will focus on setting up a cloud infrastructure along with a web, application and database server.

James LeeJames LEE

James is a 3rd year student in Nanyang Polytechnic, studying a Diploma in Information Technology. His interests include anything technology related, especially new innovations, gadgets, mobiles and software development.

MIN Ye Thu

Min Ye Thu is a final year undergraduate student from YTU (Yangon Technological University), specializes in Electronics Engineering. He is currrenlty undertaking an internship at iTrust’s Reserach and Innovation Lab for IoT. His work focus on honeypot for IoT and machine learning.

MIN Yan Naing

Min Yan Naing is a final year undergraduate student from Yangon Technological University (YTU), Myanmar. During his internship at SUTD, he will do testing the security of IoT devices and controlling the IoT devices via the web server. He is interested in cyber security and doing researches with IoT devices.

Supervisor: Dr. Yan Lin AUNG

Koyena2Koyena PAL

Koyena is an IB Year 2 student from Global Indian International School, Singapore. She has interests in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Security and Data Science. In iTrust, she worked in project SWaT and was supervised by Dr. Jonathan Goh and Prof. Aditya P. Mathur. She enjoys challenging tasks as they help her learn and improve her skills. In her leisure time, Koyena likes to play tennis and piano.


An ISTD 2nd year student intending to major in security and communications, Sita is keen to learn and has an interest in digital forensics. She looks forward to having a fruitful internship in iTrust and acquiring a new set of skills. She is currently working on a project that uses machine learning to automate the forensic process.

Abdul Razak bin Mohd Shariff

Razak is a 2nd year student at ITE College East, pursuing a Higher Nitec in Cyber & Network Security. He is keen to learn new IT skills that can have a positive impact in the world, of which strengthening cyber security of cyber physical systems takes on a special interest. Together with Hein San, he will also work on the designing and setting up of a monitoring system for system resources and a secured database system to store collected information.

Aaron SeahAaron SEAH

Aaron is a fresh graduate from Anderson Junior College. Interested in IT, he aims to learn as much with an open mind before enlisting for National Service.

During his three months stint with iTrust, Aaron learnt Python and programmed on his own ransomware without any prior knowledge in programming.


Rahi is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Information and Communication Technology at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar, India. She started her final year project with iTrust in January, 2018 and is working on project ASPIRE. Her current research is in the field of cybersecurity of essential infrastructure and has interests in computer and network security. During her free time she likes reading and playing badminton.

weilunSOO Wei Lun

Wei Lun is a 2nd year student at ITE College East, pursuing a Higher Nitec in Cyber & Network Security. His internship at iTrust will focus on managing cloud infrastructure, setting up/maintaining a three-tier web application and database server implementation, as well as testing of open source tools.

kwok howTAN Kwok How

Kwok How is currently a student in Nanyang polytechnic pursuing the diploma in Information Security. He has a strong interest in IT , especially in the areas concerning security.

ef803f73-8b74-4f75-8f79-ab3015da396bTAN Ying Ting

Ying Ting is a Secondary One student from CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School. She enjoys programming and writing simple codes, as well as photography.

sanThae Eain San

Thae is currently persuing a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Newcastle. She is interested in Project Management and Digital Communication. While at iTrust, she is looking forward to learn new set of skills and acquire better knowledge by taking a role in a project titled “Secured data acquisition for Cyber Physical Systems”. 

ericsonEricson Thiang

Ericson is an intern admitted into the Undergraduate (Bachelor in Business Administration) course at Nanyang Technological University. He is interested in acquiring a new set of programming language and cyber-security knowledge. Through the WADI testbed, he will be learning the ways that organisations can protect their cyber-physical assets from cyber attacks as well as detect these intrusions.

photo1YUAN Bowei

Bowei is an exchange student from Zhejiang University (ZJU). He majors in ZJU-SFU Computing Science Dual Degree Programme offered by ZJU, China and Simon Fraser University, Canada. Bowei has strong interests in CPS. He worked on integrating the Device Level Ring (DLR) protocol used by Secured Water Treatment testbed (SWaT) into miniCPS, a toolkit that can help to develop attacks and defences that can be directly applied to real CPS.