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Think-in Invited Talks  
S317 Reconnaissance S317 Finals
  Workshop on Cyber Security Essentials (for students only)  

Detailed Think-in Agenda

5 June 2017 (Monday)
Venue: SUTD Multi-Purpose Hall
8:00 am Arrival and Registration  
9:00 am Welcome Address Prof Aditya Mathur,
Centre Director, iTrust
9:15 am Keynote Address: Managing Cyber Risk: Current Threats and Defensive Strategies for Protecting Industrial Control Systems of Critical Infrastructure Neil Hershfield
10:15 am Coffee/Tea Break  
Panel 1: Threats
Moderator: Nils Tippenhauer
10:45 am   Threat Landscape  Lim Soon Chia
It’s Time to Face the Truth: Realistic, Real and Unlikely Threats to ICS Marina Krotofi
 12:00 pm  Lunch  
Panel 2: Interconnected Systems
Moderator: Aditya Mathur
1:30 pm Assessing Risk to Physical Systems through Interconnected Cyber Systems David Nicol
  Interdependencies and Fault Propagation in Cyber-Physical Systems Sahra Sarvestani
  Assessing the Impact of Cyber-attacks on Interdependent Critical Infrastructures Robert Kooij
3:00 pm Coffee/Tea Break  
Panel 3: Models
Moderator: Sudipta Chattopadhyay
3:30 pm Challenges in Security Modelling of Cyber-Physical Systems Sjouke Mauw
  Adversary Models in Industrial Control Systems Alvaro Cardenas
  Model-based Security Analysis for CPS Dieter Gollmann
5:00pm End  


6 June 2017 (Tuesday)
Venue: SUTD Multi-Purpose Hall
Panel 4: Defences
Moderator: Jianying Zhou
9:00 am Device Attestation, Software Updates, and Data Protection Mauro Couti
  Hardware Platform Security for IIoT Gerhard Hancke
  Anomaly Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems: The Physical Law Approach Biplab Sikdar
10:30 am Tea/Coffee Break  
Panel 5: Translating Research to Industry
Moderator: Martin Ochoa
11:00 am Securing IoT: Not an Easy Task Jorge Cuellar
  Data Mining for efficient physical attacks on Cyber Physical Systems Matthieu Lec’Hvien
  ICS Security David Ong
12:30 pm Lunch  
1:30 pm IDC Micro-Design Experience
3:00 pm Tea/Coffee Break  
3:30 pm Results of BATADAL, and Lightning talks on iTrust Research Projects:

  • Advancing Security of Public Infrastructure using Resilience and Economics
  • Cyber Physical System Protection
  • Research & Security Innovation Lab for IoT
4:15 pm Open discussion  
5:15 pm Closing note