SUTD Security Showdown 2017 (S317)

The S317 consists of two main phases, an online qualifier, and a live event held at SUTD. In the live event, your team will have the chance to attack our WADI and SWaT testbeds, with the goal to reach a number of defined challenges. The S317 was approved by SUTD’s IRB. A technical report on the first S3 event, held in 2016, can be found here.

Examination Phase
We will host a CTF-style online qualifier round for participating teams. This phase was finished on May 6/7.

Exploration Phase
Each team will have one day in the SWaT testbed to prepare their attacks.

Exploitation Phase
Each team has 2 hours to demonstrate their attacks prepared during the exploration phase

S317 Anonymised Report is now available for download!

Researchers who wish to request for S317 dataset may do so here.