Duration: 1 Apr 2016 to 31 Mar 2017
PI and Co-PIs: Prof  Tony Quek
Project manager: Angie Ng
Funding agency: ST Electronics Info-Comm

Wireless networks are widely used in civilian and military applications. The main features of future wireless networks (e.g., 5G) are 1000 times transmission rate, new radio access technologies (i.e., MIMO and Millimeter Wave) compatibility with existing wireless networks, new types of communication models (e.g., D2D and M2M communications), and extremely low latency required by real-time applications in Tactile Internet.

In wireless networks of the future, communication security is a critical issue in many applications where users rely on wireless networks for transmitting important/private information (e.g., credit card transactions or banking related data communications). The current security technologies are far from the ones required in emerging networks.

The goal of this project is to establish secure future wireless networks by developing algorithms and techniques and implementing security techniques by considering emerging features of future wireless networks. Specifically, this project will consist of three work packages (WPs): 1) Next generation smart jamming techniques, 2) Enabling secure communication with untrusted and unreliable future network infrastructure, and 3) Securing tactile internet.