About the Programme
It is a programme where graduating students, The Stars Practitioner, will join an enterprise for a minimum of four years. Out of which, they will be seconded to iTrust on a full time basis to conduct research and technical work in the first two years.

Benefits to Enterprise
We see benefits in this programme because researchers, The Stars Practitioner, bring with them the technical know-how, cyber security experience and formal research practices to the enterprise. Enterprise gets to enjoy the fruition almost immediately after two years. iTrust focuses on applied and technical research, leverages on its testbeds to assess the effectiveness of algorithms and techniques resulting from the research work, it provides researchers with a practical hands-on exposure that they could bring to the enterprise upon completion of their secondment at iTrust. Faculty members, staff and students involved in iTrust conduct cutting edge research in all areas of information and cyber security with a focus on Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Enterprise Network and Internet of Things.

Most importantly, this programme helps to create the much needed talents pipeline to the enterprise in this tight supply cyber security industry.

Benefits to The Stars Practitioner
Graduating students will be able to secure valuable employment in the highly sought-after cyber security industry for a minimum of four years. They enjoy comprehensive compensation package from the enterprise just like a full-time employee and at the same time, given the opportunity to conduct cutting edge research on the testbeds available in iTrust to develop practical mitigation techniques. They are exposed to the state-of-the-arts technologies at iTrust and carry with them an outstanding and credible cyber security persona. Through the programme, they will learn to develop technical cyber security skills and conduct hands-on experiments.

Qualifying Crtieria
To qualify for the programme, graduating students are required to be formally employed by the enterprise and accepted by iTrust. Graduating students are required to sign a four years agreement with the enterprise, including a two years secondment to iTrust for research and technical work. This programme is open to all Singapore resident students who graduate with a Bachelor degree or Diploma in Computing or Electrical Engineering related disciplines.

Interested candidates may email your curriculum vitae, tertiary transcripts, GCE “O” level result script and partnering enterprise name, with the the subject heading “Stars Practitioner Programme” to: iTrust@sutd.edu.sg