As part of our outreach initiatives to reach out to the students’ pool, the Stars Defender Programme aims to achieve greater awareness in the area of cyber security, thus enhancing the talent pipeline.

iTrust organises numerous hands-on activities to bring cyber security topics closer to the students’ experimental learning. We welcome students of any school in Singapore to participate in our activities. You may want to email to the following contact requesting us to include you in our mailing list.
Email subject: Stars Defender Programme

Here are more information on the available activities under the programme:

Laboratory for Identifying Paths in Security (LIPS)
This is a year-long regular workshop where students learns offensive and defensive cyber security related concepts, and tools and techniques. These workshops supplement students’ academic learning with hands-on experience in networking, cyber reconnaissance, advanced attack vectors, advanced persistence threats, forensic, reverse engineering malware, etc. Students attend these sessions on every Wednesday or Friday afternoon at SUTD.

At the end of each year, students are encouraged to sit for a two-hour competency test where their learning and knowledge are challenged. Students achieving 70% passing mark shall be given a certificate of competency from iTrust.

Summer Camp
iTrust conduct regular summer camps every year to promote ICT and cyber security interest in students. We conduct workshops such as Free-the-Finch, Python-Kill-Chain, C-The-Deadly and Hacking 101 during August to September months. We adopt fun and creative teaching techniques to develop students liking in different areas. We may use robots, electronic devices, cyber hacking concept and methodology, just to quote a few, to educate the students.

Independent Activity Period (IAP) Cyber Security Workshop
IAP is a short duration period where no classes are conducted in SUTD. It falls in the month of January every year. During this period, iTrust conducts a two-day cyber security workshop where participants learnt about cyber security concepts, tools and techniques and apply them during their Cyber Defence Game that is conducted on the last day. This workshop is open to all SUTD students, researchers and faculty members.

Students Seminar Series
Students are invited to present broad cyber security topics in the presence of non-SUTD and SUTD students, and faculty audience. Student speakers are encouraged to research upon their topic and present their information concisely within fifteen minutes. Students learn about general cyber security information, and pick up presentation and public speaking skills.

Cyber Security eNewsletter
This is a fortnightly Cyber Security eNewsletter that contains bite-sized information regarding the almost latest cyber news, information, crimes, technologies, malware, threats, scam, privacy, hacking and physical systems. This is circulated to students, faculty and researchers for their knowledge sharing and latest update. It helps to create awareness in cyber security among the students and, indirectly, inculcate engineering interest in them.

iTrust Times
iTrust Times is our very own newsletter that contains updates about our Centre development, research findings, conference organising and collaboration effort. iTrust works with local and overseas prestigious collaborators and universities, and conduct cutting-edge applied research. You will be able to find the latest developments about us and our collaborators through this hardcopy or electronic version of our newsletter.

Assistantship, Internship and Mentorship (AIM)
We invite SUTD students to take up internship with iTrust. Singapore resident students are encouraged to engage us through our AIM platform when pursuing their final year projects, engineering/ development attachment and research assignments. You will get the chance to work on our testbeds and increase your cyber security exposure. We engage students on the ground to cultivate cyber security interest. Students from secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and universities are welcome to speak to us.

If you have innovative research or technical concepts and are looking for a technical supervisor, look no further. Email us with your problem statement, scope of research/ technical work, deliverables and timeline, and we will follow up with you.

SCy-Phy Systems Week – Outreach
iTrust organises SCy-Phy Systems Week annually. This is a conference where it brings together subject-matter-experts and outstanding collaborators around the world to present and discuss their works at SUTD. During this week, we organise one- to two day of outreach activities. If you are interested to participate in this outreach activity, please feel free to contact us.