Training Lead
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Siddhant is working as a Research Associate at iTrust, focusing mainly on designing methods that ensure security in the design phase of Cyber-Physical Systems Design. In his previous stint as a visiting student, he developed an orthogonal system to defend against complex Cyber-Physical Attacks on the SWaT testbed.

He engages in typical hacker activities, and pursues an ever-growing list of hobbies. He loves learning new things and sharing it with others. He feels writing in third-person is not as effective so I’ll switch right away. I believe that my experience at iTrust continues to shape my thinking in an invaluably constructive way in my lifelong pursuit of awesomeness. At this point in life, I am trying to grok the fields of Security, Design, (Computer) Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Mathematics.

If you’d like to know more about my work, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile here. If you are visiting iTrust/Singapore and would like to meet, please email me; I would absolutely love to chat with you and tell you more about our lab life, universe, and everything!

Siddhant had participated in several iTrust projects since Apr 2018.