Senior Manager
Singapore University of Technology and Design

After obtaining his M.Eng in Environmental Science and Engineering from NUS, Mark started his career managing R&D projects and programmes in maritime environment, renewable energy and civil and structural, engaging and collaborating with other government agencies, industry and the academia. Other than technical knowledge, he picked up a slew of networking and engagement skills that would prove useful in his future work.

He moved on to Ministry level to develop stakeholder engagement and partnership strategies for a diversity of stakeholders. It was there that he was given the opportunity to enhance his engagement capabilities, through the use of Design Thinking and taking on leading roles in policy design, newsletter editing and video production.

At iTrust, he sits at the other end of the table, managing R&D projects and critical infrastructure and IoT testbeds. He also led the organisation of local and international cyber security events such as the SCy-Phy Systems Week, 18th IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering and the Singapore Cybersecurity R&D Conference. Mark is also the editor of the quarterly iTrust Times newsletter.

In his free time, Mark tries to adhere to the Chinese saying of “游山玩水” – literally touring the mountains and waters – by going for trekking and diving expeditions.