Deputy Director, Cyber Security Technologies
Singapore University of Technology and Design

+65 6499 4745


Ivan is the Deputy Director (Cyber Security Technologies) of iTrust, Centre for Research in Cyber Security. He holds triple portfolios – (a) centre governance, (b) testbeds / laboratories management and (c) training & technologies translation.


I am passionate in transformative calibration for initiating, strengthening and broadening of business ecosystem for greater success through synergistic powers of governance, people, technology and capability. Transformation process is a journey that will require multi-skillsets that stretch in breadth and dive in layers. The most complex and arduous parts are often the multi-factorial diplomacy and humans and yet these elements form the foundation in strengthening the organisation.

Visionary: Owning a vision is critical and strategically important. Communicating the vision and linking deliverables to vision is key. Being a world’s leading centre for applied research in Cyber Security in the context of critical infrastructure, including IoT, requires a lot of skillsets and effort with senior management and foot soldiers to envisage the same. A good vision helps iTrust to position in the global centre of gravity where all necessary resources and deliverables are diverted to. Influencing partners and stakeholders to think like the wise has become an objective that should be accomplished with pride. Most importantly, you will have to hold tight to this faith.

Right culture: Culture (shared attitudes, goals, behaviours and values) building can be a subtle element but its permanency is undeniably irrefutable. A good culture in iTrust determines whether good talents stay or leave, and innovations strive or suppress. “Management by walking” and counting happiness/smiles are powerful ways that are never to be underestimated. Openness, values, and integrity are of paramount importance that I often love.

Proper resources: The act of balancing resources (e.g. budget and people) is an art and science. Watching our bottom-line, maximising deliverables and realignment to global technology horizon are constant and tough affairs – never forget this! Divide-and-conquer and algorithmic thinking, together with a clear vision and managing right resources might be helpful along this realistic journey. iTrust has grown from ground-zero to the current full-fledged centre of global partners. This success is an excellent witness to showcase “more than a dollar of value for every dollar invested.”

Good decisions/Management: Many problems require a solution that will end up affecting multiple stakeholders. Keeping abreast with technologies and local/global context is much needed together with a right team (to be a good coach in order to help your team succeed). Deeper understanding and execution in the multiple areas helps to make sound decisions, ensure effective internal controls, and oversee the whole operation of a few organisations. Always lay your hands on the ground – a true fact of life.

Performance delivery: “Love the business, think like owners and exude integrity and ability” is my favourite mantra. This requires maintaining a keen awareness of the iTrust’s industry and market, being in touch with the core functions to ensure the proper execution of tasks, and serving as the interface between internal operations and external stakeholders. A successful iTrust till now, with more to go, requires having a clear picture of how to fulfil and prioritise these and finding a balance when dealing with the onslaught of multi-factorial issues. Eventually, this is how we are evaluated.

Technical leaders: Nurturing resources to be creative and entrepreneurial are momentous to the success of the business and technology – survival of the fittest. Influencing technology direction (in R&D) with a focus on commercialisation outcomes and providing critical and factual inputs for IP creation are key success factors that help the organisation to propel further against the odds and competitors.



Ivan’s philosophy in life is learning well, staying humble and remaining connected with the ground. He has a fun-loving personality. He often believes that numerous things could be accomplished in intelligent, needed and creative ways.


Professional Appointment, Accreditation, Achievement & Training

  • Winner of Singapore Cybersecurity Award 2019 – Professional category
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • US DHS ICS-CERT ICS Cybersecurity (301)
  • Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, Ethical Hacking (SANS)
  • FORENSICS: Reverse-Engineering Malware (SANS)
  • Advanced Course on Darknet and Crypto Currencies
  • Cybersecurity: Technology, Application and Policy (MIT Digital Program)
  • Hands-on Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering (Blackhat 2015)
  • Live Hacking & Information Security Masterclass
  • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Practitioner
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Fellow of SUTD Academy
  • Member of the subcommittee on Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) under Coordinating Committee for Cybersecurity (CCCY) under Enterprise Singapore (ESG)
  • NATO CCDCOE CyCon 2020 Academic Review Committee
  • Co-lead for Singapore team in NATO CCDCOE Crossed Swords 2020
  • Co-lead for Singapore team in NATO CCDCOE Locked Shields 2020



  • Automated Identification Of Unsecure Paths In Network Infrastructures (provisional)


Invited Speaker

  • “Future of Work: Privacy and Data Concerns in Unprecedented Times” panel, 2020, SGInnovate
  • National cyber security documentary show titled “Secret Wars: Conflict in Cyberspace”, 2020, episode I & II, Channel NewsAsia
  • PSA Innovation Fest 2019
  • Public Conference and Closed-door Workshop on Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Strategies for the Power Sector in ASEAN, 2019
  • National cyber terrorist documentary show titled “It Will Never Happen Here”, 2018, Mediacorp Channel 5
  • World Readiness Programme (WRP) Symposium, 2017
  • National cyber security documentary show titled “Unreal to Real: The Making of Virtual Reality”, 2017, Channel NewsAsia
  • National cyber security documentary show titled “Securing Our Virtual Borders”, 2017, Channel NewsAsia
  • World Readiness Programme (WRP) Symposium, 2016
  • Cyber security article titled “Focusing on Cyber Defence Tools and Strategies for the Future of Government”, 2016, OpenGov Asia
  • World Readiness Programme (WRP) Symposium, 2015