• CVsmallL

iTrust – NSoE Seminar: Towards a scalable, smart and highly-interactive IoT Honeypot

30th October, 2019

Abstract: As the number of commercial IoT devices grows, so do cyberattacks that target and exploit vulnerabilities on them. Given that some of the attack vectors used in the wild against IoT devices might be novel or not well understood, it is important to have up-to-date threat intelligence regarding them, in order to be able to coordinate quick remediation steps on devices […]

  • nga

iTrust – ADSC Seminar: Attack Trees with SAND: From Generating Security Test Cases to Extending with Defences

8th August, 2019

Abstract: Attack defense trees are used to show the interaction between potential attacks on a system and the system defenses. In this talk, we first present how to use attack trees to generate security test cases to provide a systematic security evaluation. This is done by transforming attack trees into equivalent formal representations where generation of test cases can be done by […]

  • mc

iTrust Seminar Series – Distributed Robust Optimization: A Randomized Approach

18th July, 2018

Abstract: A wide class of interconnected systems ranging from power grid, chemical refinery plant, and water distribution system to wireless sensor network, and even swarm robotics fall in the category of cyber-physical systems. Control of such a complex networked-system has raised a number of new challenges. Conventionally, a single node or agent having access to all the information solves the control problem […]

  • Jin Han

iTrust-ADSC Seminar: Large-scale Real-time Detection and Defense Systems – Twitter’s Safety Architecture and its Applications

12th July, 2018


The social networks have been constantly targeted by attackers for stealing users’ accounts, credit card info, sending spam, etc. The attackers have all kinds of resources they need in order to launch serious attacks – sufficient funds, cheap labor, infected bot machines and compromised accounts. Protecting users in social networks is a very challenging adversarial learning problem. […]

  • Subhash

iTrust – ADSC Seminar: On False Data Injection Attack Against Power Grid State Estimation and Countermeasure

14th June, 2018

Abstract: The power grid state estimation (SE) has been shown to be vulnerable to false data injection (FDI) attacks, which can lead to severe consequences, e.g., transmission line trips, unsafe frequency excursions and/or economic losses. In this talk, we will examine the security of power gird SE from both the attacker and the defender’s perspective. For the former, we examine data-driven FDI […]

  • rob

iTrust – ADSC Seminar: Two examples of assessment of robustness of complex networks: structural controllability and the availability of a gas distribution network

24th May, 2018

Abstract: In the first part of the presentation the notion of structural controllability of networks will be introduced. It is explained how to determine the minimum number of nodes that need to be controlled, such that full control of the whole network can be achieved. Next, a range of research questions is formulated, related to the increase in the number of needed […]

  • ralph

Invitation to iTrust Seminar Series – Consensus, Security and the Network – Measuring Blockchain

7th November, 2017

Abstract: Over the last years, blockchains have developed into a mainstream technology that entire industry sectors are talking about. The latest generation even supports smart contracts – programs that are executed by all participants and that may govern everything from simple transactions to the setup of organisations. Beyond the hype, however, we find that there is little deployment beyond the two most […]

  • Debdeep

Invitation to iTrust Seminar Series – Break one link and the whole chain falls apart!: Embedding Security in Things to Cloud

12th October, 2017

Abstract: With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) the need and challenges of security have increased manifold. Starting from the miniature devices, which are often resource constrained, to the pervasive omni-present cloud, all avenues for a potential attack need to be mitigated. In this talk, we discuss the research activities in this direction, starting from physical security of the “things” in […]

  • yuan-fang

Invitation to iTrust Seminar Series – Extract Access Permissions from Java Programs

22nd September, 2017

Abstract: Multi-core processors have become the dominant computing platform in recent years. In the concurrency by default programming paradigm, permission-based dependencies have been investigated as an alternative approach to enabling automated parallelisation and avoiding errors that may arise when concurrency constructs are manually added, a common practice in mainstream languages such as Java. However, significant annotation overhead is required for such languages, […]

  • ian

Invitation to iTrust Seminar Series – Synchronous Concurrent Refinement Algebra and Fairness

8th September, 2017

Abstract: In order to support reasoning about concurrent programs in a rely/guarantee style, we have developed a synchronous refinement algebra similar to Milner’s SCCS. The algebra is based on a general refinement algebra, into which are embedded sub-algebras of instantaneous tests and primitive atomic steps. The synchronous parallel operator executes by synchronizing one atomic step at a time.

This talk overviews the algebra […]