SUTD partners ADSC to participate in Trustworthy and Secure Cyber Plexus (TSCP) programme

20th April, 2018

In collaboration with Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC), SUTD participated in the programme for a Trustworthy and Secure Cyber-Plexus (TSCP). This programme is funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) under its Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE).
The new initiative will work to make information systems both trustworthy, and secure, or hardened against malicious attacks. The primary focus of the TSCP […]

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Securing Privacy on Social Media

25th March, 2018

In light of the spread of fake news and the recent harvesting of more than 50 million Facebook user profiles – without the users’ permission – for targeted political ads, iTrust Associate Centre Director Prof Zhou Jianying in a media interview provided tips on how to protect one’s privacy, as well as being more discerning when reading news on social media. See the […]

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It Will Never Happen Here – EP3

16th January, 2018

“It Will Never Happen Here” is a series of five episodes by Channel 5 in which national security threats are explored. In this episode, titled “Cyberterrorism,” iTrust’s Deputy Director (Cyber Security Technologies) Ivan Lee speaks about the various motivations behind cyber attacks and their adverse effects on security and privacy at a national, societal and individual level. Watch the full episode […]

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Designing secure networks

4th January, 2018

Lauren Goh, a researcher at iTrust and part-time student in Masters of Science in Security by Design, was featured in The Straits Times where she shared about her interest and work in cybersecurity.

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iTrust researcher, also a MSSD student was interviewed

21st November, 2017

Lauren Goh, a researcher at iTrust and part-time student in Masters of Science in Security by Design, was featured in TECHINASIA about her interest and work in cybersecurity project. She shared how she was led to join this career and her plan in future.  Click to read all about it.

S317 Report

9th November, 2017

Research in iTrust is aimed at the development of methods and supporting tools to aid in the design of secure critical infrastructure. Such infrastructure must be resilient to cyber attacks. Resiliency requires integration into the infrastructure software and hardware devices for preventing attackers from entering a plant, detecting attacks in the event the prevention mechanism has been bypassed, and ensuring that […]

Joint Empirical Research with Delft University of Technology

25th September, 2017

Two new collaboration projects with TU Delft starting in September 2017 :

1) Contracting Data Flow for System Security
A project to track the information flow in complex software systems using state of the art verification techniques to prevent malicious inputs from harming the system.

2) Anomaly Detection in Cyber Physical System Using a Data Fusion Approach
The project aims to develop and apply […]

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Three New Cybersecurity Projects

20th September, 2017

SUTD has been awarded three new projects, in collaboration with industry partners, to develop capabilities in cybersecurity and spur commercialisation of cybersecurity technologies. Read the press release here.