Abstract: During the past two years, we have been hacking (and securing) industrial robots. They are complex cyber-physical systems, they are used in critical installations, and they entail almost every possible risk, from safety to economical damage.

In this talk we will review the main results from our research: a complete attacker and threat model for industrial robots; robot-specific cyberattacks that violate the fundamental “laws of robotics” (a la Asimov); an assessment of robot deployments and their protection.

We will also glimpse at our current research on the security of robot programming languages and at our future perspectives, including hardware and architectural ideas to improve robot resilience to penetration.

Bio: Stefano Zanero received a PhD in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, where he is currently an associate professor with the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria. His research focuses on malware analysis, cyberphysical security, and cybersecurity in general. Besides teaching “Computer Security” and “Computer Forensics” at Politecnico, he has an extensive speaking and training experience in Italy and abroad. He co-authored over 90 scientific papers and books. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, the IEEE Computer Society, and a lifetime senior member of the ACM. Stefano has been named a Fellow of ISSA (Information System Security Association) and sits in its International Board of Directors. A long time op-ed writer for magazines, Stefano is also a co-founder and chairman of Secure Network, a leading security assessment firm; a co-founder of 18Months, a cloud-based ticketing solutions provider; and a co-founder of BankSealer, a startup in the FinTech sector that addresses fraud detection through machine learning techniques.