Prof Jianying Zhou, Maritime Sector Lead

Maritime industry is one of the key engines of Singapore’s economy. There is an increasing trend of adoption of more ICT technologies with enhanced monitoring, communication and connection capabilities. On the other hand, similar to other critical infrastructures, maritime industry faces an evolving array of cyber threats.

In the maritime sector of the NSoE Phase II, the aim is to address cyber threats to shipboard operational technology (OT) systems which include 1) Communication systems, 2) Propulsion, machinery and power control systems, 3) Navigation systems, and 4) Cargo management systems.

Work packages under this sector include:

  • Fuzzing shipboard OT systems communication
  • Automated exploit creation
  • Develop software cryptographic library
  • Use of software cryptographic library
  • Fingerprinting-based device authentication
  • Multi-level sensor consensus-based trust
  • Create multi-physics virtual models
  • Develop list of attack scenarios
  • Connection to actual testbed