updated @ 18 Aug 2021

iTrust is looking to fill several positions in the area of machine learning and cyber-physical systems. Applicants who meet the qualifications indicated below may apply.

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in any field of engineering
  2. Demonstrated proficiency in high level programming (Python preferred)
  3. Good working knowledge of computer networks

Research staff will work with a strong and multidisciplinary team of faculty and research staff in iTrust on a translation project aimed at moving two anomaly detection prototypes to TRL 7.

iTrust is a vibrant center for research in cyber security. Current research projects in iTrust focus on the design of secure critical infrastructure, block chains, and secure IoT. Selected candidates will have a unique opportunity to work in one of the finest centers for research in securing physical critical infrastructure and have access to realistic testbeds in water treatment, distribution, electric power, and IoT.

Interested applicants should write to nsoe_destsci@sutd.edu.sg. Position will remain open until filled.