Faculty Positions in Cyber Security 

The Information Systems Technology and Design pillar at the Singapore University of Technology and Design invites applications to fill several tenure track faculty positions in the area of cyber security. Applicants must have a PhD in any area of engineering, including Computer Science and Computer Engineering, with a strong emphasis on cyber security.  Candidates with a background in the design of secure public infrastructure and Internet of Things are encouraged to apply.

Set up in collaboration with MIT, SUTD is a design-centric university with a strong emphasis on collaborative research, and multidisciplinary and cohort-based education.  SUTD is home to several well-funded and vibrant research centers including IDC: SUTD-MIT International Design Center; LKYCIC: Lee Kuan Yew Center for Innovative Cities; iTrust: Centre for Research in Cyber Security, and DmanD: Center for Digital Manufacturing and Design. These centers are well funded and engage in collaborative multidisciplinary research. A corporate lab, in collaboration with ST Engineering: STEE-SUTD Corp-Lab for Cybersec R&D, and funded through a grant from the National Research Foundation, will soon be operational. The Corp Lab offers unique opportunities for applied research in cyber security.

At SUTD, there is a broad and multidisciplinary focus on research and education in cyber security in the areas of Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, and network security. iTrust is home to some of the world’s most comprehensive realistic testbeds for security research on industrial processes for water treatment and distribution, and Internet of Things. A realistic testbed for power generation, distribution, and consumption is under construction and scheduled to be operational by the end of 2016. iTrust has four custom-designed lablets that provide a diverse environment for training in programming and simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems on a variety of Programmable Logic Controllers. Singapore continues to invest heavily in research in cyber security.

Interested candidates are urged to submit their applications through the following link.


Application Process Inquiries: SUTD-HR at academic resourcing@sutd.edu.sg

Posted on: April 7, 2016