iTrust was jointly established by SUTD and the Singapore Ministry of Defence in 2012. One of iTrust’s core focus is to apply and improve its understanding of cyber threats to cyber-physical systems (CPS) and develop translatable technologies to mitigate such threats. iTrust’s approach is based on well-understood technical foundations in the interdisciplinary fields of control theory, artificial intelligence, axiomatic design and software engineering. The proposed models and techniques are being evaluated against, and demonstrated in our industrial-grade CPS testbeds: Secure Water Treatment (SWaT), Water Distribution System (WADI) and Electric Power and Intelligent Control (EPIC). 

iTrust and its sister lab, the National Cybersecurity R&D Laboratories (NCL), together form the CyberSG Labs. This national effort of co-joining both labs’ respective OT and IT expertise and infrastructure provides a high-fidelity and hyper-realistic network of IT-OT platform for cyber security practitioners to conduct cyber research, exercises and capability development.