A One-of-a-Kind Garden of Testbeds

iTrust is the proud host of several world-class testbeds and training platforms. These testbeds and training platforms together constitute a one-of-a kind facility for research and training in the design of safe and secure large-scale cyber-physical systems. The interconnected testbeds support R&D, technology validation, international cyber exercises, education and training programmes towards the safety and security of cyber-physical systems. The following testbeds and training platforms are available to SUTD and its partners across the world. See below on how to make a booking request and the relevant charges.

Take a trip into SUTD’s award-winning labs!

We welcome all visitors to take photos of our testbeds. However, we request that acknowledgment be given to iTrust, SUTD when these photos are shared, distributed or used in any public forum and media, in both printed and digital forms. Thank you.


What are the available testbeds?

Who can use the testbeds?

The academia, industry and government agencies can utilise the testbeds for a variety of use cases.

What are examples of these use cases?

The testbeds facilitate users in conducting applied research, education, training, technology validation and testing, and cyber exercises.

Where are the testbeds located?

Physical address:
Singapore University of Technology and Design
8 Somapah Road
Building 2, Level 7 (Lobby E)
Rooms 2.704, 2.705, 2.715 and 2.720
Singapore 487372

Remote access:
Anywhere in the world!

How do I start using the testbeds?

The testbeds are available for booking here. Please note that there are costs associated with the rental of the testbeds.

Details, Details, Details…

Remote Access

Remote access to iTrust testbeds (SWaT, WADI and EPIC) is available to all researchers, government organisations and industry (“remote users”) during office hours (GMT +8). To facilitate the remote access, a VPN connection will be established to provide a tunnelled route into the testbeds’ operational network. From there, remote users will be able to access Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Human machine Interfaces (HMIs) and the infrastructure of the Testbeds. To give our engineers sufficient time to set up the connections and your credentials, please make your remote access booking at least two weeks in advance, using the online booking system here. Instructions of setting up the VPN connection will be provided once the remote access booking has been made. Please note that the remote usage of the testbed attracts an additional 20% charge on top of the charge rates in Table A below.

Rental Costs of the Testbeds and Training Platforms

Table A: Charge Rates for iTrust Testbeds (Onsite)

As at 3 July 2024, we have adjusted the rates to the following:

Group Hourly rate1, 2
Tier 1 (Private sector) S$1,030
Tier 2 (iTrust/ SUTD collaborators) S$685
Tier 3 (Research & Education Institutes/ Government and Public sector agencies) S$570
Tier 4 (SUTD) S$455

Table B: Charge Rates for iTrust Training Platforms (Onsite)

As at 3 July 2024, we have adjusted the rates to the following:

Group Hourly rate1, 2
Tier 1 (Private sector) S$455
Tier 2 (iTrust/ SUTD collaborators) S$225
Tier 3 (Research & Education Institutes/ Government and Public sector agencies) S$170
Tier 4 (SUTD) S$110

1 Rates are subject to prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST), currently at 9%.

2 Bookings are subjected to Terms and Conditions here.

Engineer support will be available to facilitate software installation and setup of virtual machine, if required.

Booking Requests

To request for the use of a testbed or a training platform, please make a booking request hereThe request must be made at least 2 calendar days in advance. If there is an urgent need to use the testbed, please write in to itrust@sutd.edu.sg to request for an urgent booking. Please note the rental charges detailed in the table above before making a booking.