iTrust hosts world class testbeds for experimentation aiming at the design of secure critical infrastructure.  These testbeds are often run non-stop for several days with and without launching attacks.  Given iTrust’s commitment to improving the security of legacy and new critical infrastructure, data so collected is made available to researchers across the world, without charge. Details of the dataset characteristics can be retrieved here.

To request for dataset*, please use this form. Please note that we may take up to three working days to process your request.

Terms of Usage of Datasets

*By requesting for and receiving the dataset, you agree to:

  1. have your and your organisation’s name and the date of request published below;
  2. give explicit credit to “iTrust, Centre for Research in Cyber Security, Singapore University of Technology and Design” when the outcome of using the dataset appears in works published (regardless of its medium) by you;
  3. inform iTrust when such works have been published; and
  4. not share the dataset with others, whether in a private or public setting (all additional requests for the same dataset needs to go through the request form).

Please note iTrust provides the datasets on a good faith and “as is” basis. As of 1 Jul 2022, we will not be providing any subsequent follow up support such as answering queries or providing clarifications on the datasets, regardless of when they were downloaded. Feedback on bugs and erroneous info on the datasets are welcome, but iTrust is not obliged to reply and/or follow up on them. Thank you.

Dataset Requests as at 01 Mar 2023

Fig. 1: Overview of testbed dataset requests by origin (left) and year (right) 

Record of individuals who have made dataset requests


Dataset Requests