Dataset & Models

Intrusion detection for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) suffer from accurate evaluation and benchmarking comparisons. This is mainly due to the lack of datasets in this research area. Majority of the intrusion detection datasets currently available focus on network traffic which is inadequate for CPS intrusion detection. Thus, researchers resort to simulating CPS data that are often suboptimal. As cyber-attacks can cause the behaviour of the CPS to change drastically, it is necessary to generate a dataset that reflects the complexity of system through the evolution of the intrusions.

Secure Water Treatment (SWaT) Dataset

The SWaT Dataset was systematically generated from the Secure Water Treatment Testbed to address this need. The data collected from the testbed consists of 11 days of continuous operation. 7 days’ worth of data was collected under normal operation while 4 days’ worth of data was collected with attack scenarios.  During the data collection, all network traffic, sensor and actuator data were collected.

The goal for this dataset is to assist various researchers in designing solutions, testing, evaluation, and comparison purposes for CPSs research.

Characteristics of dataset

  1. Network Traffic and Cyber Physical Properties: The dataset contains all the network traffic captured during this time. The dataset also consists of all the values obtained from all the 51 sensors and actuators available in SWaT.
  2. Labelled: All the data acquired during this process are labelled according to normal and abnormal behaviours
  3. Attack Scenarios: The attacks generated for this dataset were derived through the attack models developed by our research team. The attack model considers the intent space of a CPS as an attack model. 36 attacks were launched during the 4 days and are described in the PDF.

S317 Dataset

SUTD Security Showdown (S3) has been organised consecutively for two years since 2016. S3 has enabled researchers and practitioners to assess the effectiveness of methods and products aimed at detecting cyber attacks launched in real-time on an operational water treatment plant, namely, Secure Water Treatment (SWaT). In S3 independent attack teams design and launch attacks on SWaT while defence teams protect the plant passively and raise alarms upon attack detection. Attack teams are scored according to how successful they are in performing attacks based on specific intents while the defence teams are scored based on the effectiveness of their methods to detect the attacks.

Characteristics of dataset

  1. Network ‘pcap’ files for three days during the S3 in 2017 (i.e. S317)
  2. Historian data for three days during S317
  3. Attack scenarios performed by the participants

Blaq_0 Dataset

Blaq_0 Hackathon was first organised in January 2018 for SUTD undergraduate students. Independent attack teams design and launch attacks on EPIC. Attack teams are scored according to how successful they are in performing attacks based on specific intents.

Characteristics of dataset
Network ‘pcap’ files for three days during the Blaq_0.

Dataset download

To request the above datasets, please contact Ivan Lee (, and provide your name and organisation details*.

Technical information of SWaT and EPIC can be found here and here, respectively.

Complete Set of Invariants based on Design Centric and Data Centric Approaches

1. Set of Rules with antecedent 1
2. Set of Rules with antecedent 2
3. Set of Rules with antecedent 3
4. Set of Rules with antecedent 4
5. Set of Rules with antecedent 5
6. Set of Rules with antecedent 6
7. Set of Rules with antecedent 7
8. Comparison


Goh J., Adepu S., Junejo K. N., and Mathur A., “A Dataset to Support Research in the Design of Secure Water Treatment Systems,” The 11th International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security.

* By requesting for and receiving the dataset, you agree to have your name, the name of your organisation and date of request published below, and to give credit to “iTrust, Centre for Research in Cyber Security, Singapore University of Technology and Design” when the dataset is used for your (published) work.

Historical dataset requests

S/N Name Organisation Date of request Data requested
83 Rob Antrobus University of Lancaster
12 Feb 2018 SWaT & S317 dataset
82 Agnieszka Onuchowska Information Systems Decision Sciences Department
Muma College of Business
University of South Florida
9 Feb 2018 SWaT & S317 dataset
81 Shamsul Huda Deakin University 7 Feb 2018 SWaT & EPIC dataset
80 Upasana Sarmah Tezpur University 7 Feb 2018 SWaT dataset
79 Peter Schneider Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security 1 Feb 2018 S317 dataset
78 Vinodh Ewards Karunya University 28 Jan 2018 SWaT dataset
77 Cong Zhang Beijing University of Technology 25 Jan 2018 SWaT dataset
76 Yuanfang Chen Hangzhou Dianzi University 24 Jan 2018 SWaT & S317 dataset
75 Falin Chen Hangzhou Dianzi University 23 Jan 2018 SWaT & S317 dataset
74 Jiang Jing Shanghai Jiao Tong University 22 Jan 2018 SWaT & S317 dataset
73 Elroy Sai  Singapore Polytechnic 19 Jan 2018 SWaT & S317 dataset
72 Beet Wang Rutgers University 18 Jan 2018 SWaT dataset
71 Pogorelov Grigorii Innopolis University, Russia 11 Jan 2018 SWaT dataset
70 Brien Croteau University of Maryland, Baltimore County 09 Jan 2018 SWaT dataset
60 Yoorim Choi Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ajou University
Embedded & Software Laboratory
09 Jan 2018 SWaT dataset
59 Li Dan Institute of Data Science (IDS), NUS 09 Jan 2018 SWaT dataset
58 Shuai Hao Computer Security Department of NEC Laboratory America, Princeton, New Jersey, USA 04 Jan 2018 SWaT & S317 dataset
57 Li Yuan Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) 02 Jan 2018 SWaT dataset
56 Yoonsu Shin Yonsei University 29 Nov 2017 SWaT dataset 
55 Alban Siffer Université de Rennes 1  22 Nov 2017 SWaT dataset 
54 Ying Liu Zhejiang University 21 Nov 2017 SWaT dataset 
53 Andrey Lavrentyev Kaspersky Lab 16 Nov 2017 SWaT dataset
52 Pei Wu Hefei University of Technology 11 Nov 2017 SWaT dataset
51 Sandeep Nair Narayanan University of Maryland, Baltimore County 10 Nov 2017 SWaT dataset
50 G. Kousalya Coimbatore Institute of Technology, India 10 Nov 2017 SWaT dataset
49 Dionisis Nikolopoulos National Technical University of Athens 07 Nov 2017 SWaT dataset
48 Moshe Kravchik Ben Gurion University 16 Oct 2017 SWaT dataset
47 Peter Schneider Fraunhofer Institue for Applied and Integrated Security 06 Oct 2017 SWaT dataset & WADI model
46 Gabriel Vasquez State University of Londrina 28 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
45 Muhammed Maruf Ozturk Suleyman Demirel University 26 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
44 Gauthama Raman SASTRA University 21 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
43 Gowher Majeed Parry University of Luxembourg 21 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
42 Magnus Almgren Chalmers University of Technology 20 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
41 Mikel Iturbe Mondragon University 20 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
40 Brenda S. Santana Federal University of Santa Maria 18 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
39 Nicolas Nicolaou KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, University of Cyprus 12 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
38 Amin Ghafouri Vanderbilt University 09 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
37 Lyes Bayou IMT-Atlantique 07 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
36 Surendar SASTRA University 06 Sep 2017 WADI model
35 Alaa Al Ghazo  Iowa State University 06 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
34 Abhishek Verma National Institute of Technology 04 Sep 2017 SWaT dataset
33 Thien Nguyen Technische Universität Darmstadt 29 Aug 2017 SWaT dataset
32 Xuetao Wei University of Cincinnati 28 Aug 2017 SWaT dataset
31 Apurva Narayan University of Waterloo 24 Aug 2017 SWaT dataset
30 Muhamad Erza Aminanto Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 16 Aug 2017 SWaT dataset
29 Zeyu Yang ZheJiang University 14 Aug 2017 SWaT dataset
28 Daniel Ricardo dos Santos Technical University of Eindhoven 11 Aug 2017 SWaT dataset
27 Sebastian Fischmeister University of Waterloo 03 Aug 2017 SWaT dataset
26 Umair Siddique McMaster University 03 Aug 2017 SWaT dataset
25 Reem Albarrak George Mason University 01 Aug 2017 SWaT dataset
24 Agnieszka Onuchowska University of South Florida 23 Jun 2017 SWaT dataset
23 Mohsen Aghashahi Texas A&M University 13 Jun 2017 WADI model
22 Guowei Li Xidian University 13 Jun 2017 SWaT dataset
21 Malek Alzewairi Princess Sumaya University for Technology 10 Jun 2017 SWaT dataset
20 Miguel Millan Oakland University 01 Jun 2017 SWaT dataset
19 Gyula Dörgő Hungarian Academy of Sciences / University of Pannonia 30 May 2017 SWaT dataset
18 Long Cheng Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 11 May 2017 SWaT dataset
17 Meng Guozhu Nanyang Technological University 10 May 2017 SWaT dataset
16 Shameek Bhattacharjee Missouri University of Science and Technology 08 May 2017 SWaT dataset
15 Bo Li Beihang University 04 May 2017 SWaT dataset
14 Yanjie Fu Missouri University of Science and Technology 03 May 2017 SWaT dataset
13 Kasun S Perera Singapore University of Technology and Design 02 May 2017 SWaT dataset
12 Hailong Liu Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 29 Apr 2017 SWaT dataset
11 Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadian Amirkabir University of Technology 15 Apr 2017 SWaT dataset
10 Sicco Verwer Delft University of Technology 11 Apr 2017 SWaT dataset
9 Xiaoxue Liu University of Toronto 05 Apr 2017 SWaT dataset
8 Kevin Skender Uptake 05 Apr 2017 SWaT dataset
7 Alissa R. Gibson Coastal Carolina University 28 Feb 2017 SWaT dataset
6 Surendar SASTRA University 15 Feb 2017 SWaT dataset
5 Yoriyuki Yamagata National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 10 Feb 2017 SWaT dataset
4 Robert Kooij TNO 09 Feb 2017 SWaT dataset
3 Gérald Rocher Nice Cote d’Azur 25 Jan 2017 SWaT dataset
2 William Jardine MWR InfoSecurity 12 Dec 2016 SWaT dataset
1 Abdolmaleki Yousef Iran University of Science and Technology 16 Nov 2016 SWaT dataset