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About CISS2022

The Critical Infrastructure Security Showdown 2022 (CISS2022) is iTrust’s sixth international technology assessment cyber exercise. The exercise is held entirely online and is sponsored by the National Research Foundation and the Ministry of Defence.

Better & Better

CISS2022 will be upgraded with the following exciting additions:

  1. CTF-style challenges for Stage 1
  2. Electric Power and Intelligent Control (EPIC) testbed as additional attack surface
  3.  4 hours of pure OT platform for Red Teams 

Exercise Documentation

  1. Red Team Stage 1 briefing slides and briefing video
  2. IDS Teams briefing slides and briefing video
  3. Red Team Finals briefing slides and briefing video


  1. GeForceTwo
  2. CISS The Day and uncleCY


CISS2022 Stage 1      

  • Stage 1 will run from 18 Jul (Mon), 0800 hrs to 20 Jul (Wed), 0800 hrs (GMT+8)
  • Stage 1 CTF will be conducted remotely. You will only need your laptops.
  • Challenge categories will be ICS (industrial control system) centric (e.g. ICS protocols, PLC code, etc.)
  • Main mode of communication will be through Discord. Please create an account if you do not already have one. For privacy and security purposes, the Discord link will be emailed to your team leaders only.
  • Results of Stage 1 (in no order of merit):
           1. 404: APT Not Found
           2. CISS The Day
           3. COMCYBER FRA
           4. GeForceTwo
           5. Hired Goons
8. Team Italy
9. uncleCY
10. White Caps

Post-event Report

[21 Mar 2023]: Please download the report here.


  • 12 Aug: CISS 2022 Finals Briefing slides and video are available for viewing
  • 20 Jul: Results for Stage 1 – congrats to the Top 10 teams for making into the finals! 
  • 12 Jul: IDS Teams briefing is re-scheduled to 21 Jul, 3pm
  • 6 & 7 Jul: Stage 1 briefing for Red Teams
  • 30 June: 30 Red Teams and 5 IDS Teams have signed up for CISS!
  • 23 June: Additional briefing slot for CISS Stage 1 is on 7 Jul, 9am (GMT+8)
  • 21 June: Briefing for CISS Stage 1 is on 6 Jul (Wed), 4pm (GMT+8) and 7 Jul (Thurs), 9am (GMT +8)
  • 21 June: 23 Red Teams have signed up for CISS!
  • 17 June: 21 Red Teams have signed up for CISS!
  • 20 May: 10 Red Teams have signed up for CISS!
  • 19 May: CISS2022 info page created

Access to world’s largest interconnected industrial-grade critical infrastructure playground


A novel and complex OT system awaits participants of CISS 2022


 Important dates (subject to change)

RT = Red Teams; IDS  = Intrusion Detection System Teams

Registration for CISS 2022

Participation in this exclusive and unique exercise is by invitation only. Invited Red Teams can form up to 4 members per team; Blue Teams between 6 to 10 members. Keep a look out for our invitation in your inbox!


The top 3 Red Teams stand to win attractive cash prizes!

1st prize: S$4,000
2nd prize: S$2,000
3rd prize: S$1,000

12 Sep 2022
Countdown to CISS 2022


Organising Committee

Exercise Directing: Prof Aditya MATHUR, TAN Shengyang
White Team Lead: William TEO
Organising Secretariats: Reuben CHNG, Mark GOH
Detector Analysts: Dr Gauthama RAMAN, Ivan CHRISTIAN, CHOW Wong Chong
Judges: William TEO, Delaney NG, Matthias YEO, Siddhant SHRIVASTAVA
Green Team Lead: Francisco FURTADO
Rules of Engagement and Scoring: Francisco FURTADO
CISS Stage 1 Support: Dr LIU Yuancheng, Hannah OEI

Please direct your queries to:

Evolution of CISS

Past CISS Red Teams

Sponsoring Partners

Please contact for sponsorship opportunities. 

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